Production Diary

Over the next few weeks we will keep people informed on the day to day production of the book (though we will still do the newsletters).

28th Feb • Our printer has sent some more test pages, this time on the actual paper stock and double sided.  I am very impressed with the results which really brings out the quality of the scans.

20th Feb • Jon’s laptop has crashed so he is trying to rescue the hard drive and the two new interviews for the book before he flies out to work on the Moody Blues rock cruise in Florida.

15th Feb • Preparing new cover art, using Roger Dean’s files. This has to be proofed back to him before we can reveal it. Originally I used just a plain version of the Yes logo but it looked a bit flat against the title logo, so Roger has sent a more 3D version which works really well.  Can’t actually believe I am swapping files with Roger Dean, one of my design idols ever since school!

13th Feb • Ten sample pages of the book arrive to enable us to check these against the artwork files and make sure the colour match is OK.  The next move will be sample pages on the actual coated art paper.

10th Feb • Meeting with the printer to discuss final specs for the book, paper weight, binding options, and technical aspects of the artwork.